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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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will be about 200 troops going to ukraine. is for ad it peacekeeping exercise that will take place at the end of next week, but it is the first time u.s. troops will be sent to ukraine since this conflict began. now, in the meantime, there are also signs of a possible breakthrough and talk of a cease-fire, but that means trusting vladimir putin's intentions to scale back, and while the weapons are everywhere, trust is in short supply. a high level, high-pressure meeting. president obama is assuring countries that they might be next that the nato countries will stop them. >> an attack on one is an attack on all, so if it is active we will come to help, you know the answer. the nato alliance along with the armed forces of america. >> a proposed cease-fire may be in the works. betweene talks
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poroshenko and vladimir putin, talks said to be productive but hardly conclusive. there is hope. >> we pray like we have never prayed before. in constantr is communication with friends and family in ukraine. it is unbelievable. the sacrifice. they sacrificed everything. they are digging trenches to protect from the invasion, from the tanks. >> the updates for thousands of parishioners are doubting. kidnappings, countless in harms way, and lining up to defend themselves without -- outmanned and outgunned. >> it is serious. it is troubling.
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the whole of europe will be on fire. >> president obama is heading to wales where he will focus heavily on a plan, but he said if necessary, he will send american troops to places like about a who are worried russian invasion. maureen? >> thank you so much, scott. tomorrow's nato meeting will include discussions with members of germany, italy, and france, and fran├žois hollande suspended delivery of a warship to russia, and he said russia's recent actions harm the foundation of security in europe. >> breaking news, the family of murdered american journalist have spoken for the first time following video showing the execution of their son. hise ultimately sacrificed life to bring their story to the world. >> this statement came hours
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after vice president joe biden in very strong language vowed to eliminate isil. >> if they think the american people will be intimidated, they don't know us very well. and when people harm americans, we don't retreat. we don't forget. we take care of those who are grieving, and when that is finished, they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. where they will reside! what's president obama said the u.s. will not be intimidated and has ordered 250 more american troops into baghdad. he is also said to be looking at jordan, turkey, saudi arabia, and others to combat the terror group in syria. and at the university of maryland, and all clear has been given after some frightening moments this afternoon.
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police and tactical gear surrounded the main administration building after someone reported that a hostage had been taken. nothing suspicion has been found, and police are investigating the case as a hoax. >> at the federal courthouse in richmond, a second night without a verdict in the corruption trial involving former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife. jeff goldberg is in richmond. how do they stand tonight? >> well, leon, back here tomorrow morning, and they have now deliberated 14 hours. there is no question. they were leaving the courthouse about 15 minutes ago. asked what he would be doing with this time, he said eating, praying, and hanging out with my kids. a smile on his face, as he has had for the past six
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weeks, and the jury is weighing be 14 felony charges against bob and maureen mcdonnell, accused of using the governor's office to promote a product in exchange for 180,000 dollars in gifts and loans. the former governor says he is getting a whole lot of support from people in both political parties. >> republican and democrats. have beent friends incredibly gracious to me, and i appreciate it. >> not saying much in the courtroom today, jurors only saying their work is not done. will resume at 9:45, and before leaving the court, the judge told the jury to be strong, and we will see you tomorrow. life in richmond, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> a bit of history that might have something to do with bob mcdonnell. he is the ninth american governor to face criminal charges in the last 14 years.
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lead guilty or no contest as part of a plea deal. the most recent case in 20 12 was a former missouri governor. the other governors took their were foundial and guilty. in each of those cases, it took the jury at least nine days of deliberations to return a verdict. inabc seven has cruised richmond to bring you the verdict as soon as it is heard, and we will bring that to you live on abc seven and on our sister channel, news channel 8, and on our website, mary'sking news from st. county, where we have just learned a 15 month old child has been found that inside a vehicle on the grounds of the patuxent river naval air station. at the time emergency crews arrived there, the baby was already deceased, and there was word that the baby had been in the car the entire day.
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coming up on abc seven news at 6:00 tonight, a business that drew outrage in one community, and the change that has residents celebrating tonight. watched anecutors intentional burn. >> and more on that boil water order. >> the heat and humidity. that has been the story for the next couple of days, and that will continue.
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a boil water advisory is in effect for about 100,000 people in maryland, after a water main break in hyattsville. goes down to seat pleasant, and officials are urging residents in the affected area to use bothered wattle -- water. -- to use bottled water. from boiling to burning. prosecutors stood by and watched a burn. idea was to give prosecutors from d.c., maryland, virginia, and surrounding areas how
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firefighters determine if a fire was set what arsonists, part of a training session. >> a ruling on gay marriage. for the first time since the supreme court threw out federal defense of marriage act last year, a federal judge today oneld the louisiana ban same-sex marriages. it breaks a string of more than 20 negative rulings overturning these bands. the u.s. district court judge said the band does not violate equal protection under the constitution. >> up next on abc seven news at 6:00 tonight. a strip club or casino. but its construction sure had residents are fired up. >> and after storms last night, a much calmer scene tonight. doug hill has your updated forecast. >> the redskins were back on the field getting ready for the texans.
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and talking about playing at ohio state, while the nationals and dodgers play some old school baseball.
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>> a frederick community is celebrating the demise of a planned shooting range creek and >> there were several hearings, range. them against the have more on what prompted this set about-face. kevin, tell us about it. community sure banded together and made sure their voice was heard, making developers drop their plans, and even apologizing. to some who had long seen a blow to their bottom lines. this is the view that draws people to the end at sugarloaf mountain. sound of says the automatic weapons would have stained his white tablecloth ambience.
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>> saying i do, and you hear s, and even if that only happened once, i am sure with the internet now, there will people who would never visit this place again. >> we would have to change our entire format with how we did things. >> a greenbrier pet business was also concerned. noises, like thunder and gunfire, often scares pets. >> the best of the best. they were not going to let their child go into a school beside a gun range, and they are certainly not going let these do that either. >> following three months of hearings and protests, developers bowed out tuesday evening, saying message understood. no gun range in the shadows of sugarloaf.
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ever going to change unless you open up as a community and say something, and this is a perfect example of how that works. >> now, abc 7 news spoke off-camera with the developers, who told us they came to this decision because they would rather be good neighbors then make a profit. they are now planning to use these 260 acres to raise beef cattle and goats, while shifting the plans for the gun range to a property in west virginia. >> all right, thanks, kevin. museumhere will be a new in d.c., and a groundbreaking service was held. secretary of state john kerry was joined by five others read assessors, both democrats and republicans, and it will be located on the grounds of the state department. >> a nice day to be doing that. >> when you look at the numbers, it was actually cooler today by
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a long shot by several recent days. it will be hot and humid again in the next few days. going to our weatherbug network in laurel, beautiful clouds before sunrise, and here we go, clouds clearing up in the day, load them in mid 80's, and it looks like we will see the 70's thomas -- low to mid 80's. and a very nice late afternoon, just some high clouds, 81 in winchester, and lanham at 80 degrees. dew point temperatures mostly low 60's. not terribly humid. having foure to consecutive days at 90 or higher today, but we missed by one degree. no complaints. another 79 degrees in
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gaithersburg, 84 in frederick, 80 in annapolis. we will probably end up in the mid-60's in the suburbs with some patchy fog, as well. continues, denver 92, 97 in oklahoma city. we will not get that hot, but we will be close to 90 in the next couple of days with high humidity all because of an area of high pressure that gave us a nice day today, sliding off to the east coast, and that brings in more moisture. tomorrow, and isolated late day storm south of washington byorrow, close to 90, but friday, it looks like things will be a bit more conducive to scattered afternoon thunderstorms, and there is a chance for more on friday afternoon and then a cold front. front is strong enough where we could have more widespread thunderstorms saturday afternoon and saturday
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evening. law,row afternoon, more partly cloudy, 85 at midday, close to 90 degrees in the afternoon with a slight chance of a shower or storm mainly south of washington. on friday. 90 a better chance with a cold front on saturday. showers and. it will be delightful, lower 80's with sunshine and gorgeous weather monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the nats are doing it to us. >> yes. playing a matinee in los angeles this afternoon, and they are still playing. if you are keeping track of the magic number, but washington has some of their mojo. it was 2-0, dodgers, and driving
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one the opposite way. is it enough? it is gone. eight two-run shot, and that ties the game. and a shot into the right. score from third. the nats take a 3-2 lead. right now, folks, they are in the bottom of the night. the nets are still up 3-2, trying to close it out. the magic number, 18. betancourt. he knocks it into right field. that would be the game-winner. they snap a two-game losing streak, and the final, 7-4. all right, the redskins were back, putting in their game plan. show much in not the preseason, and this will be the first one they are putting under the new head coach, and they had a little extra that in their step. you can tell, they are ready to get things going, for real. >> it is a surprise, not knowing
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where the team is going to go, especially with a new coach, and we are excited about that, and we are also excited to see what we can do as a team, with this opportunity. >> all right, the virginia tech hokies travel to columbus to take on the seventh-ranked ohio state buckeyes this weekend. the buckeyes struggled a bit against navy last saturday, but you could see that coming. that is a tough opener. still, ohio state was optimistic, and you had better believe that ohio stadium will be rocking on saturday. >> going into a stadium with the largest crowd we have ever played for before. we will see how they respond, but certainly last week was a good opening game, and now this week, it is another step, so we will see how that goes. >> by the way, tonight in prime time, we have our award-winning and jamesview show,
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franklin, all coming up tonight on abc seven. all right, for the soccer fans, we have not heard much from team usa since the world cup, but they are already starting to build for the world cup 2018. in the 39th minute with the united states on the attack, johnny on the spot. he takes in the rebound for the only goal of the game, and the u.s. wins it with 1-0. and for the usa basketball team, it was the same story. the united states goes to 4-0 in the fee for world cup. cup, and theorld dodgers are threatening against soriano. the
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at the nextlook seven days, the heat and humidity is coming back. we will be close to 90 the next few days, a little more humidity tomorrow, friday and saturday, definitely in the 90-degree range, and a better chance on saturday or them showers, and then it begins to turn around, and monday, tuesday, wednesday look great, and we have more for
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what you can expect for your thursday morning commute. >> item of the night. >> here we go. we will have a final for you later on. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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welcome to "world news tonight." inside the urgent manhunt right now. the brutal terror group isis and the hunt for that masked man. tonight you'll see the new clues right here, what these videos could reveal. brian ross standing by. the survivor speaks, tonight the american woman who came down with ebola. describing to us the moment she learned, forced to talk to her husband through that glass, just as we learn tonight about the new case, another american infrequent


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